Referrals and Consultations

To request an appointment with either Dr Green or Dr Paine, please contact the rooms on 07 3832 5033. Please ensure that a copy of your referral has been sent through from your referring doctor prior to booking an appointment. Please note: the doctors need to triage referrals before appointments are able to be made- this process can take up to two weeks.

Please note that referrals from specialist doctors last for 3 months from the date of the first consultation and referrals from GPs expire after 12 months. Please ensure that your referral is current prior to your appointment.

What to bring to your consultation:

  • Any recent or relevant scans such as MRI’s or x-rays
  • Any other relevant test results or correspondence from other doctors
  • Your medicare card and Department of Veteran’s Affair Card (if relevant)
  • Please ensure that your patient information form has been completed and returned (a copy can be found under the ‘Forms’ tab)

Payment of fees is required at the time of consultation. We are able to submit Medicare claims electronically provided that the card is linked to a valid bank account.

Workcover, Insurance claims, Veterans Affairs and Defence Personnel
Our doctors accept Workcover QLD patients as well as other insurance claims. To enable us to be able to provide care under Workcover or Insurance claims, we require your claim details (i.e claim number, case manager) prior to your appointment for pre-approval to be completed.

We also accept patients covered under Veterans Affairs and defence personnel under Garrison Health.